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Happy Endings

May 2021



42758026-56ED-43CD-939A-81527515CD12This beautiful young lady is 1-year old Tabatha.  She came into our care when she was found living on the streets.

She is a lovely, affectionate girl and enjoys nothing more than lots of cuddles.

If you could give Tabatha the loving home she deserves, please contact Marion on 07984 146984

March 2021



00AC6AFF-A745-4EC8-BA6D-A9F42A5BF8CF 5CE0DCCA-D62A-4A39-817B-483595CA9265This very handsome young man is Ben, who is approximately 18 months old.

We don’t know anything about his previous life, as the sweet little man was abandoned outside our clinic in a cat box.  Although he had an upset tummy when he first arrived (we think this may have been the reason he was abandoned, although we don’t know), this soon resolved itself when he was put onto sensitivity control cat food; for the moment we think he should stay on this food.  He’s settled really well and is now thriving!

He’s an absolutely gorgeous chap, very loving and an ideal companion, so we would like him to find a home where he will be cherished. He is not keen on sharing the love with other animals, so he will need to be an only pet.  He would also love his new mum/dad to be around most of the time, as he cries when he is left alone.

If you think you could offer Ben the home he is looking for, please contact Marion on 07984 146984



February 2021



This handsome young man, who is looking for his purrfect home, is 2-year old Chester.

Chester would suit an adult only home, as he likes a quiet life.  He has been an indoor only cat, so we think that the big outside world will probably frighten him; his new family should expect to keep him in for some considerable time or maybe even permanently.

He will almost certainly hide for a week or two when he goes to his new home. However, his fosterer says that he is confident and affectionate once he gets to know you.

Chester enjoys playing; initially it is best to play with arms-length toys (like string) as he forgets to put his claws away sometimes.

We think Chester will make a wonderful companion for the right person and is a really beautiful and affectionate boy.

If you think you could give Chester his forever home, please contact Marion on 07984 146984

January 2021




This beautiful lady is 11 year old Jess, who came into our care through no fault of her own.

She has spent the last few years living outside, as she left home when a new dog moved in.  She absolutely deserves to spend her retirement years indoors, with access to the outside if she wants to go out for fresh air or her daily permitted exercise.

She nuzzles up to her fosterer and purrs and is thoroughly enjoying the luxury of a comfortable and warm home.

If you are interested in providing Jess with the loving home she deserves, please contact Marion on 07984 146984


December 2020



This beautiful (in her own unique way) lady is 11 year old Sally.

Sally is microchipped, but we have been unable to contact her owner and she is therefore looking for a loving home to live out her retirement years.

Although timid at first, she is a very loving girl and enjoys being cuddled and fussed when she gets to know you.  She loves to lay in a warm and sunny spot and enjoys having her head rubbed.

Sally likes to eat soft food and cat yoghurt because, as you can see from her photographs, she hasn’t got many teeth and her tongue cheekily hangs out.

She has an ulcer on her tongue, which has been tested and is not ‘suspicious’.  However, her new family will be able to use the clinic for her check ups (if needed).  We are hopeful that it will heal in time now that she has had a full dental.

If you are interested in offering Sally a home, please contact Marion on 07984 146984




November 2020



This beautiful young lady is 7-year old Poppy, she came into our care when her owner sadly passed away.

Poppy is a gentle, loving soul and loves nothing more than snuggling up with her fosterer.  She would make the most wonderful companion.

If you would like to offer Poppy her forever home, please contact Marion on 07984 146984

September 2020

Gorgeous kittens


These two beautiful kittens are Wednesday and Saturday – they are looking for a forever home where they can be together.

They are both really affectionate, Wednesday in particular being a real lap cat! Saturday loves cuddles too, but is a little livelier than Wednesday; they are a purrfect combination.

If you are interested in giving these beauties a loving home, please contact Laura on 07950600707

Two beautiful sisters



4AF13391-3803-401A-83F5-94AD8B829E24These two beautiful 10 week old sisters are looking for their purrfect home. 

They are playful, affectionate and really sweet natured. 

If you are interested in giving them their forever home, please contact Jan on 07960 847001

August 2020



This beautiful cat is looking for a loving home in her retirement years; sadly, her elderly owner passed away.

Pickle is about 12 years old and is affectionate and will sit on your lap. She does not like young children and would like a quiet life.
If you feel you could offer a home to this beautiful lady, please call Marion on 07984 146984

March 2020




This beautiful and majestic young lady is Katie.

Katie is four years old and has had a bit of turbulence in her life recently, so is now looking for a calm and patient forever home where she can really find her feet. As she is quite a shy girl around new people, Katie will take a couple of weeks to start coming out of her shell; when she does you will find her to be very playful and inquisitive, following you from room to room to see what you are up to, nosing her way into cupboards or trying to climb to high places.

Ideally she would like access to the garden; she enjoys sniffing around outside, but loud noises tend to spook her into running back indoors.

She loves chasing a piece of string or pouncing on carrier bags and badgering you to feed her treats, but is equally happy to find a quiet spot (usually under the bed) to sprawl out and have a cat nap by herself.

Katie is an independent girl, and enjoys a tickle behind the ear, but will let you know when she has had enough. It is unlikely she would enjoy sharing her home with another cat and would be better suited to a household with no young children  

If you think you would like to give this gorgeous girl the second chance she deserves, please call Marion on 07984 146984


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