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Happy Endings

June 2016



Hi, my name is Bella and I’m a yummy mummy





I was living on an industrial site in Hoddesdon and gave birth to my two gorgeous kittens there all alone.  I did my best to look after them in the difficult surroundings and managed to give them a good start to life.  One day, someone found us there and brought us to the lovely people here to be looked after.  At last we were all safe, it was such a relief!

Having lived on the streets for a while I was very unsure when we first came here, but my lovely foster mummy has really helped us all to learn to trust humans.  I now love nothing better than sitting on a lap and having lots of cuddles.


Brandy and Sherry


Brandy and Sherry have found their loving home






















My sister, Sherry, and I were born on an industrial site in Hoddesdon and our mummy (Bella) had to try to raise us to the best of her ability in these difficult surroundings – she really is a lovely and very clever mummy!

One day someone found us living there and brought us all to the kind people at the local RSPCA to be looked after.  We had a lovely foster home and were looked after very well.  We were a little shy at first, having never really had much to do with people, but our fosterer helped us to learn to trust humans – we have lots of love to give!



I’ve found my purrfect home








Yay, I have got a new home!





Hi there, my name is Toki and I am 4 years old


Lots of people have told me that I am very handsome and, I must admit, I do think I look rather sweet.  I love playing with my toys and snuggling up with my humans getting lots of cuddles.  I came here with my two friends, because our owners weren’t able to care for us anymore




Hello, my name is Cherish and I am about 6 years old





I came here when my owners were evicted – in the hope that the lovely people here could find me my furever home.  I love having my chin stroked and everyone tells me what a sweet, friendly girl I am.   Apparently, I have a very slight heart murmur, but it is not a problem for me and I will continue to lead a very normal and happy life.

May 2016



Yay, I’ve found a new furever home!





Hi, my name is Brenda and I’m 2 years old.  I’ve found my furever home!


I’m told that I am the most loving, sweet and adorable cat.  I’ve been through a very hard time in the last eight months, but I’m now fighting fit and good as new!

Let me tell you a bit about what happened to me………

I came to the lovely people at the RSPCA about 8 months ago, after my collar got caught under my arm and caused me a really nasty and painful injury.

For months and months they tried to get my wound to heal  – it was a tough time for me and upsetting for the lovely carers I had.  In the end, it was decided that surgery was the only option.  I was a bit scared, but they told me it was a revolutionary skin graft operation (I’m not sure what revolutionary means, but my carers were really keen for me to have it done and I trust them completely).  I don’t remember anything about the operation, but I know I had 400 stitches!  I was a really brave girl apparently and have no ill effects from this ordeal – I am still very loving.

As you can see from my photo, I am a bit bosseyed.  But I think that it makes me look even sweeter!  It doesn’t cause me any problems.

Now, the new part of my life is starting, as I’ve been lucky enough to find a furever home and am really excited about it.  Lots of cuddles and fuss to look forward to!

Poppy and Bella

bella and poppy rehomed

We received a lovely message from a couple who adopted some gorgeous cats from us in the past………

We rehomed Poppy on Remembrance Day weekend 2013, hence we renamed her Poppy. Her fosterer helped us select ‘Poppy’ for her sweet, loving and sociable personality and as a good match for our existing cat Bella; we originally rehomed Bella from you in July 2011 with her sister Daisy.







However, Daisy decided to move in with an old man at the end of our new street around 6 months after moving to our new house….oct 2012…he had just lost a cat and kept feeding her fresh liver and fish from his fridge! We finally agreed he could look after her permanently, as we were seeing less and less of Daisy and she gave him the love that he so desperately missed after his own cat had passed away.  Daisy is happy as an only cat there, and we often see her out playing. However Bella missed her companion….Poppy was the perfect pairing and they get on great together. Both are friendly lap cats….one each for my husband and I. They always come for lap time whenever they can, but especially in the evenings when our children are in bed and we actually get a moment to sit down! 😀





Three adorable kittens

tabby kittens

tabby kittens2





We’ve set off for the new adventure in our lives and are looking forward to all the fun we will have


These three adorable little kittens came into our care with their mother. They were extremely playful and full of life. They loved cuddles and tummy tickles.



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