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Snoopy (6) is a lovely boy who has shown that, with a bit of patience and tlc, struggling cats can change. 

When Snoopy first arrived he was scared and would hiss and snap at people, but he’s now a very soppy cat who loves showing affection.  He loves sitting on laps, is happy to be picked up and will headbutt your face, or nibble your hand, if you’re not paying him enough attention.

Snoopy neesnoopyds a family with no young children and he cannot be homed with any other animals.

Snoopy has a blocked tear duct in one eye and a foreign object in the other.  They do not seem to be causing him any major issues.  He is a very lively and happy boy.

For more information please contact Jenna on 07984791435

My personality

I’d prefer to be the only cat in a home

I need to be able to go outside and explore

I could live with children of secondary school age

I love company and would like you to be around a good part of the day

I would prefer not to live with a dog




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