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Panda and Suki

Panda and Suki

8C6AF54B-6585-47A8-9B99-A4F35089D548 A8CE33C1-BDE2-4E31-AAB3-6AD84DF858AD 78B59B62-ACFA-4CA0-830B-7EAEA9B2EEE50F1CB033-ED83-48ED-BB0F-DDABE9A5C4B5Beautiful Panda and Suki, who are 6/7 months old, were born outside and are currently in a foster home.  They love to play and enjoy being stroked. They aren’t yet at the stage where they like being picked up very much, but we think this will change over time.

We are looking for that special home where an experienced cat owner cat devote time and effort to make further progress and we feel that, in time, they will make super pets. We think that they would not be suitable with young children and would prefer a quiet home. To meet this handsome pair call Laura on 07950600707

My personality

I may be able to live with another cat

I’d prefer to be outside most of the time

I’d prefer an adult only household

I’m independent; I like to do my own thing!

I may be able to live with a friendly dog



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