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Pickles, Random and Mush

Pickles, Random and Mush

021986A0-96BE-468D-BD52-27D6F2FB5BB9These 3 beautiful cats are looking for loving homes in their retirement years; sadly, their elderly owner passed away.

They are mother and daughters, but can be homed separately as they do not appear to be very close.
The top picture is Pickle she is about 12 years old and is the mother. She is affectionate and will sit on your lap. She does not like young children and would like a quiet life.
The middle picture is Random, who is around 11 years old. She can be shy until she knows you and then will come for a fuss.
The bottom picture is Random’s sister, Mush. Mush has had half of her tail removed, but we have been unable to find out why. Again she would like a quiet household.
If you feel you could offer a home to any of these beautiful ladies, please call Marion on 07984 146984


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