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00AC6AFF-A745-4EC8-BA6D-A9F42A5BF8CF 5CE0DCCA-D62A-4A39-817B-483595CA9265This very handsome young man is Ben, who is approximately 18 months old.

We don’t know anything about his previous life, as the sweet little man was abandoned outside our clinic in a cat box.  Although he had an upset tummy when he first arrived (we think this may have been the reason he was abandoned, although we don’t know), this soon resolved itself when he was put onto sensitivity control cat food; for the moment we think he should stay on this food.  He’s settled really well and is now thriving!

He’s an absolutely gorgeous chap, very loving and an ideal companion, so we would like him to find a home where he will be cherished. He is not keen on sharing the love with other animals, so he will need to be an only pet.  He would also love his new mum/dad to be around most of the time, as he cries when he is left alone.

If you think you could offer Ben the home he is looking for, please contact Marion on 07984 146984





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