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Cat Information

Has your Cat being microchipped.  New Legislation is coming for all cat owners to have their pets microchipped.   Our price for micro-chipping is £10.00 per animal.

We offer subsidised microchipping and annual vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.

Please consider carefully all aspects of pet ownership before taking on a pet and don’t forget to register with a vet who can offer the full range of treatments your cat will need during their lifetime.

Get you cat neutered

Each year thousands of unwanted kittens are born and if not given a forever home, are often abandoned and left to die.

We offer subsidised neutering vouchers to pensioners and people on universal credit within our branch area only.    Prices are shown on our neutering voucher scheme page.

If you find a stray cat

stray_catWhat to do about a stray? Your heart says one thing, and your head probably says another…    If you find a kitten, please do not touch it with your bare hands, but wait to see if its Mothers comes, often kittens stay away from the litter.  Once you touch it, the mother will reject the kitten so please give it some time.

If you find a lost or stray cat – Please give it some comfort until a shelter space can be found.

Most of us at some time will have encountered a stray or lost cat, either just hanging around or more likely trying to find food.

If you cannot take a lost or stray cat into your home while welfare enquiries are made, please provide food, clean water and shelter to prevent it from succumbing to hypothermia.

A simple cardboard box covered with a bin liner, and filled with straw or towels etc will provide adequate shelter.

If you use towels they will need to be changed regularly in cold weather, as they become damp outside. Cat carriers (please remove the door) can also be turned into emergency shelters, as can increasingly popular plastic storage boxes. Polystyrene, newspaper and straw are good insulators to make a nice warm bed.

Make sure your shelter is in a safe place, weighted down against the wind, or tucked under a bush for stability. Meanwhile you can take the car to a local vet to be scanned for a microchip, you can look on Facebook local ‘lost and found pets’ pages and contact your local vets and animal rescue centres in case the cat has been reported missing.

A full step-by-step guide on helping lost or stray cats can be found here:

For details of vets in your area go to:

For details of rescue shelters across the UK go to:

Contact the Clinic

Contact us on 01279 306058 or email:

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