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Lost and Found

Lost & Found Pets

If you have lost or found an animal, you can either use the local Lost & Found section on the Harlow Council Website

or register to help reunite animals with their owners

Remember:  You can be fined £500 if you fail to microchip your dog and you are unlikely to find your animal should it get loose or be stolen.   Most cat owners also get their pets microchipped.  If you are on income support we can offer subsidised microchipping at our clinic in Harlow.

Useful tips

From our experience we also offer the following tips;

Dogs are the most likely of companions to get lost; we recommend you supervise dogs whilst in the garden and regularly ensure the garden is secure from escape, or even worse intrusion from dog-nappers; Bull Terrier types around London and the South East are especially at risk. Dogs also get lost while off the lead, reinforce your recall command whenever you can with your canine companion!

Cats rarely get lost and are more likely to get locked in a garage, shed or empty property by mistake. Always ask your neighbours if they can check their outbuildings as the first course of action.

Also remember if you have pet insurance for dogs or cats you can usually claim several hundred pounds to help with the costs of making posters or running newspaper adverts to find your missing friend.

Contact the Clinic

Contact us on 01279 306058 or email:

Our phone and email address are only monitored when the clinic is open