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Microchipping – its the law

All owners are required to have their pet microchipped by law, our clinic offers subsidised a microchipping service.   Not just because its law, but microchipping helps to reunite animals who are lost or stolen with their owners.


If you find a stray dog please report it to your local council Dog Warden or their environmental team.  The council will collect the dog from you and take it to a local boarding facility and try to locate their owner.

The RSPCA Stort Valley Branch have no facilities and therefore unable to accept stray dogs.  If you contact us, you will be redirected to Harlow Council, or if the dog is dangerous, you should also call the Police if the dog has bitten anyone.

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 (section 68) makes your local authority solely responsible for dealing with stray dogs.  The Department for Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have useful guidance notes on local authority responsibilities for stray dogs.

Most councils now have an online service for you to report the stray dog.  The RSPCA and other animal welfare charities cannot pick up stray dogs or accept them.

If you find a dog that is injured, please call RSPCA National Line 0300 1234999 where you will be advised of where to take the animal for treatment if it is in imminent danger of death or severe suffering and the police or local authority are unable to attend.

Great Escape – Join the search

Sometimes are companions can get out or slip their lead.  If this happens, please contact your local Council or the Police, as they are the first point of contact for those who have found a stray dog.   The RSPCA are working with the UK Search Organisation for people who have lost their dog or had it stolen.  You can also sign up to become a member to assist local people find their pets by receiving an alert when a report is received within your postcode area.

Looking for a new pet?

Our branch does not offer this service, however if you are looking to provide a ‘forever home’ for one or two dogs, then please visit the national RSPCA website

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