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Our Clinic

The Animal Welfare Clinic is situated at 23 The Stow, Harlow, Essex CM20 3AN

The Stort Valley Branch is run totally by staff and volunteers.  As a separately registered charity & branch of the RSPCA,  we rely on local public donations, which enables us to provide a veterinary surgeon to offer superficial treatments, such as drugs, vaccines, micro-chipping, and prescriptions.   Our services are limited and we do not have any imaging or facilities to carry out operations.

As a responsible pet owner, you will already be registered with a vet practice that can offer your animal the full range of veterinary services. For those on means-tested benefit, services carried out at our clinic are provided at subsidised rates, this includes assistance with neutering and spaying.

We do not have any facilities to take in unwanted or stray animals or to treat animals who need have sustained a significant injury, for example, a broken leg.

For unwanted animals, please contact your local animal rescue centre.   For strays, lost or found pets, you can register online with Harlow Council, or call Harlow Council Environmental team.   If a dog is stray and is either on the list of dangerous dogs or has bitten anyone, you must inform the local police as well.

Our branch area extends from Saffron Walden Essex to Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, including Bishop’s Stortford, Harlow and the villages surrounding this corridor.

Opening Times

Monday 10.00am  – 3.30pm

Tuesday 10.00am – 3.30pm

Wednesday 10.00am – 3.30pm

Thursday 10.00am  – 3.30pm


New clients

We are a limited service provider and do not have operating, imaging facilities etc.  Therefore, clients should also be registered with a veterinary practice able to offer the full range of veterinary services.

Qualifying benefits

The clinic is for people in receipt of a means tested benefit; this includes Income Based Job Seekers Allowance, Income Based Employment Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit.  Senior citizens in receipt of a State Pension are also eligible to use our services.

Who we will see

We recognise that some of our neighbouring branches do not have RSPCA clinics, so we are prepared to see clients from outside our branch area (in our neighbouring branch areas).  Hopefully this will help many more animals and their owners from the surrounding areas.

We are a limited service provider and, as such, do not have operating, imaging facilities etc.  If these are required then the client should contact their primary care provider; the client will be responsible for any costs incurred at that practice.

If the client is from outside our branch area and is needing financial assistance towards a procedure at a private vet, then Stort Valley will have to direct them back to their own branch administration for this.

You can check as to whether you are inside our branch area on our postcode List & maps.

Postcode List & Maps

Consultation Charges

There is a consultation charge payable at each visit to see the vet.  From 1st August 2020 these charges will increase to:

1st Consult Return Visit within one month Annual Health Check
Dogs £20 £17 £20
Cats £20 £17 £20
Rabbits £20 £17
Small Furries £15 £12
Nails Cut £20
Anal Glands £20





You may phone us to order your requirements and collect when the Vet is in attendance.

We treat all wildlife free of charge

We are now able to accept Debit/Credit Card Payments

What to do if your pet is unwell outside of these hours

If your pet is registered at this clinic, and also with another local vet, and you have an emergency when we are closed please contact that vet in the first instance, who should offer an out of hours service to clients registered at their practice.

If you are registered at this clinic, but not yet registered with another local vet, please contact our emergency service provider Forest Veterinary Centre Hospital in Epping on 01992 575790

Please note that Forest Veterinary Centre is a private veterinary practice, who provide our out of hours, night time and weekend emergency services and their charges will therefore be significantly higher than the subsidised charges made at our clinic.  Clients are responsible for payment of all fees in full at the time of the treatment.

If you are not registered with this clinic and have an emergency when we are closed, you will need to contact the RSPCA National Line on 0300 1234 999.

The RSPCA main website also has useful information on how to find or call a vet Find a vet for treatment, advice and emergencies 

Neutering Vouchers

We offer subsidised neutering of Cats, Rabbits and Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs by way of vouchers to the following qualifying groups of people.

To qualify for assisted neutering you must be in receipt of at least one means tested benefit (excluding tax credits) or a senior citizen in receipt of state pension.

Please email the clinic on if you would like to apply for a neutering voucher.

Proof of Benefit MUST be shown when applying for a voucher.

Cat Neutering

Cats £25 each for male or £35 each for female
The cat neutering vouchers can be used at the followings vets:

Kew Vets, Vets4Pets (Harlow), Mercer & Hughes, Walton Lodge and Bishop’s Stortford Veterinary College

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Neutering


To register a Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog with us you must first agree to have it neutered. Please help stop the destruction of healthy animals; our shelters are full to bursting point with unwanted Bull breed dogs.

We are running a campaign to assist financially with the neutering of these dogs.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers £70 each for male or £90 each female.

Find out more…

Rabbit Neutering

Help to reduce the numbers of unwanted or unexpected litters and the numbers of rabbits in shelters

We offer subsidised neutering vouchers to people on a means tested benefit (excluding tax credits) or in receipt of a State Pension.

Rabbits £35 each for male or female

The vouchers can be used at the following vets: J A C Kew & Vets4Pets, Harlow


Dog owners are required by law to have their pets microchipped.

We offer microchipping of cats and dogs to the general public (individuals do not need to be in receipt of benefits) at £10 per animal.

Microchipping involves inserting a microchip under the skin of your pet and is a reliable method of identification so long as contact details are kept up-to-date.

This is not an alternative to a dog collar:

  • Every dog in a public place is required to wear a collar with the name and address of the owner attached to it.
  • The owner or any person in charge of it, is guilty of an offence if it is not wearing a collar and tag and the dog will be treated as a stray if found.

This service is generally available when the clinic is open.

Staff are able to scan stray animals which are brought to the clinic.


We are now offering a cat/dog vaccination service to clients of our Clinic.  To be able to use this service, you must meet the eligibility criteria for clients of our Branch.

For more information regarding vaccinating your pets, please refer to RSPCA Vaccinating Your Pet advice.


FULL COURSE, including Leukemia  (includes general healthcheck) – £46.00

BOOSTER, including Leukemia  – £25.00


FULL COURSE, excluding kennel cough (includes general healthcheck)  – £46.00

BOOSTER – £25.00

KENNEL COUGH – £10.00, when vaccination is given with the FULL COURSE or BOOSTER vaccinations.  We are not currently offering the kennel cough vaccination.

Please note

The RSPCA Stort Valley Branch may decline to permit the registration of an animal at our discretion.  For example, if we believe the owner is breeding from the animal.

Contact the Clinic

Contact us on 01279 306058 or email:

Our phone and email address are only monitored when the clinic is open