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XL Bully

We are happy to continue to treat our XL Bully patients, provided that they are compliant with the law.
All XL Bully dogs must now be:
• Registered for exemption by 31st January 2024,
• Microchipped
• Insured for public liability
• Neutered before the deadline.
We will ask you to prove these things.

Please keep your XL Bully on a short lead and muzzled at all times in our clinic waiting area.

If you and your pet would feel more comfortable waiting outside, just let us know you’re here and we’ll call you in when the vet’s ready for you

In some instances we may be able to provide limited support with neutering for XL Bullies – please ask our reception team for details if you need help.

For more information about the law and XL Bullies, scan these QR codes.



Contact the Clinic

Contact us on 01279 306058 or email: clinic@rspcastortvalley.org.uk

Our phone and email address are only monitored when the clinic is open