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Happy Endings

April 2022

What to do when our clinic is closed

As a responsible pet owners, all our clients must register with a primary vet practice who are able to offer the full range of services needed for their pet.  For out of hours emergencies, please contact your local veterinary hospital or call Forest Vets in Epping.

May 2016

Eligibility Criteria

Qualifying benefits

Unless otherwise stated, our services are for people in receipt of means tested benefits, this includes Income Based Seekers Allowance, Income Based Employment Support Allowance, Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit.  Individuals on a low income and receiving Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support, or senior citizens in receipt of a State Pension, are also eligible to use our services.

Who we will see

We recognise that some of our neighbouring branches don’t have RSPCA clinics, so we are prepared to see clients from outside our branch area (in our neighbouring branch areas).  Hopefully this will help many more animals and their owners from the surrounding areas.

We do not have operating or X-ray facilities, if these are required then a referral to a private vet will be given.

If the client is from outside our branch area and is needing financial assistance towards a procedure at a private vet, then Stort Valley will have to direct them back to their own branch administration for this.

You can check as to whether you are inside our branch area on our postcode List & maps.

Postcode List & Maps

October 2015


Phoebe is really settling in well and loves to play, eat, sleep and fuss.


Sox has been taken away to her new home and new life

Bowser & Tilly

Bowser & Tilly have been adopted and whisked away to a better life.

September 2015


Narla has has found someone to play with


Joe has gone off to play


Georgie has got a new home


Breeze has gone to a happy ever after

Contact the Clinic

Contact us on 01279 306058 or email: clinic@rspcastortvalley.org.uk

Our phone and email address are only monitored when the clinic is open